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I want to secure my house, which offer should I choose?
You simply describe your needs as you can by completing this form. Please click here
How to get a quote for an offer ?
For a quote, please visit the web page unscrewing (Click here), and then complete the form.
Our experts will analyze your request and send you a quote within 48 hours.
What is the warranty for my offer ?
Offers proposed by Lynx Network include all warranty. During the warranty period, we provide system maintenance without maintenance costs.
Would I be entitled to a maintenance service after the warranty expires?
Well Sécurité provides system maintenance after the warranty. It is paying for any breakdown caused by customer.
Hardware or security system installed at home is down or behaves abnormally. What should I do?
When the system or equipment of the safety system that we installed in your home or business behaves abnormally, you must immediately notify our RMC to tell you the process of applying.
To effectively respond as quickly as possible, please kindly provide us more information on the problem occurred (the circumstance, or the failing equipment(s) etc..).
I go on vacation or I leave my house, what are the precautions to be taken with respect to the security system installed by Lynx Network at home?
When you leave your home, do not forget to activate the security system installed by Lynx Network. You must notify our monitoring center if it is an absence of more than 2 days
The Pets (dog, cat, etc.) ,can they compromise the security system installed at home?
Yes, in fact pets are detected by the security system when it is active.
If you have pets at home, you must opt for either a security system with opening detector and not with motion or presence detector, or you need to put your pets in safe places where they can not trigger the alarm.

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