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CCTV for Home
Cameras permits to monitor your property. This can be during the holidays, while you work or when you are at home.
With a home CCTV kit you shoot, save and you can review all the moments filmed by the camera.
The DVR allows you to select hours or passages. CCTV for home can be in various forms (IP camera, wireless camera, spy camera).
Video surveillance of your home via the Internet is becoming more and more because the cameras are connected to a router that transmits images by adsl as well as 3G network.
Our technicians helps you to install CCTV cameras in your home. They intervening in your home for diagnosis and a quote and installation of cameras.
We provide you the appropriate equipment for your surveillance needs.
Contact our company for video monitoring personalizable free quotes service. We will send you cameras tariffs .
Telemonitoring grows increasingly deterrence and resolution of crimes. We propose to install remote monitoring your home.
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CCTV for Hotel
Security cameras allow you to monitor the comings and goings in high traffic locations.
For an hotel, it is essential to have monitoring cameras to ensure the security of the institution.
Video security systems help to deter thefts and assaults in different areas of the hotel: restaurant, reception, corridors, parking, reception, assessor, etc..
They can also help you to prevent delinquency or thefts from rooms in your hotel.
Our professional installers are able to guide you and help you in choosing your video device.
Well Sécurité intervene to advise you on the safety features that are best for you and equip your hotel with security system equipment reliable, durable and good quality.
Hotel video surveillance is an important protection for your business but also your customers will feel reassured and safe.
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CCTV for Pharmacy
If there is a point of sale that requires a CCTV system, it is pharmacies. The high-value products they contain should be supervised.
The benefits of a CCTV system:
Easy to use: The use of our systems is easy intuitive, requiring no prior computer knowledge.
Available at distance: The cameras can be viewed live from any computer, Iphone, Ipad. You can even control your locals even being on a journey.
Night surveillance: Cameras using the day / night function provide nighttime surveillance, your business will be monitored 24/24 and 7/7.
Protect staff and customers: Cameras help protect your customers and your staff, discouraging crime and illegal activities.
Prevent internal theft: The theft by employees is a common phenomenon. The presence of CCTV cameras will discourage the boldest.
Know your customers: In addition to safety, surveillance cameras provide useful information for the adjusting of shelving. Counting customers help to planning.
Controllable camera: With this type of cameras that are motorized, you can control the camera position and zoom from your computer or even your mobile phone.
Display Deterrence: A monitor displaying the installed cameras can be installed in the client area to demonstrate surveillance applied to your business
Evidence for justice: Recorded images provide valuable images to the police.
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CCTV for Stone-Pit
A stone-pit of sand, gravel or other materials or minerals requires a safety device. Let such resources unattended is to leave the door wide open to theft and looting. Acoording to this Lynx Network offers professionals who can handle an installation of a pit's CCTV system.
The term Stone-pit CCTV system consisting of cameras aimed at detecting any unusual movement at a career. It is not uncommon for thieves come and steal all the resources available and nobody can do anything. This is where the CCTV sytem of a career is its usefulness.
If you install a performance equipment at your career, you are doing two things at once. This allows you, firstly, to identify any unusual movement and intervene in time. On the other hand, when the robbers spot the cameras, they turn back in most cases.
If you want to install CCTV at a career, do not hesitate to contact Lynx Network. A professional will take care of you with all the necessary information for setting up your stone-pit CCTV system.
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CCTV for Shopping center
To significantly reduce theft and offenses, CCTV is the ideal system. Indeed, the installation of CCTV cameras deters criminals from committing acts of vandalism.
Therefore we propose to equip your mall, your center , your supermarket with surveillance cameras to suit your needs. We can install different cameras in different places to monitor. Indeed, the parking will not require the same CCTV equipment that inside your large surface or the interior of your warehouses.
For this reason, we conduct a thorough study of the space to be monitored to guarantee a reliable hardware and adapted to your store.
We also work to change the obsolete cctv systems as well as troubleshooting and maintenance.
Benefits of surveillance cameras in shopping centers:
The ability to analyze the flow of your customers and improve customer service,
The fight against acts of vandalism,
The warning by e-mail, sms, mms, or phone of a danger or an intrusion into your large area,
Restrictions on movement with remote access,
Recording on videotapes that will allow you to quickly identify persons who have committed acts of vandalism,
It also permit to reassure and secure your customers.
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CCTV for Restaurant
Install a CCTV system in your restaurant allow you to deter criminals from committing any intrusions on your local and thus prevent theft. The cameras also permit to review a scene to have more clarity to avoid any confusion or misunderstandings. You can also be notified in real time in case of intrusion. Or you can also see what your cameras record at all times and anywhere through WI-FI camera.
But it can also allow you to count the number of customers in your restaurant, to know if your parking is complete, know if your staff is enough to respond to customers commands so you can organize your structure according to these elements and improve the profitability of your restaurant.
If you want to protect your restaurant or its surrounding area: parking space, reserves ... We have solutions with specific cameras to your cctv needs.
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CCTV for Cinema, Club, etc.
We offer tailored security solutions to improve the protection of your club. Our professional installers make a thorough study of your club according to your every needs in order to offer you the most optimal system of monitoring.
The expertise of our professionals in the field of security and video surveillance, you can get the best advice. The CCTV system allows:
reassure customers,
prevent vandalism,
deter criminals,
control the flow of people in the club,
to respond rapidly in the event of litigation or aggression.
But surveillance cameras allow especially to identify faces and license plates of persons who have committed an act of vandalism or aggression.
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CCTV for School
Well Sécurité specialist in CCTV systems involve in educational institutions: high school college, university, ... for all installations of security cameras.
If you want to equip your institutions with surveillance cameras, we have packs with specific CCTV cameras according to your needs.
The installation of CCTV cameras in universities or other training places can:
reduce stealing especially in sensitive parts such as computer rooms, administrative offices, locals, canteens reserves, entries ...
reduce vandalism inside and outside the institution. reduce violence among students,
prevent intrusion attempts,
secure students,
quickly identify the culprits,
protect valuable equipment (computers, projectors ...).
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