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CCTV for Shopping center
To significantly reduce theft and offenses, CCTV is the ideal system. Indeed, the installation of CCTV cameras deters criminals from committing acts of vandalism.
Therefore we propose to equip your mall, your center , your supermarket with surveillance cameras to suit your needs. We can install different cameras in different places to monitor. Indeed, the parking will not require the same CCTV equipment that inside your large surface or the interior of your warehouses.
For this reason, we conduct a thorough study of the space to be monitored to guarantee a reliable hardware and adapted to your store.
We also work to change the obsolete cctv systems as well as troubleshooting and maintenance.
Benefits of surveillance cameras in shopping centers:
The ability to analyze the flow of your customers and improve customer service,
The fight against acts of vandalism,
The warning by e-mail, sms, mms, or phone of a danger or an intrusion into your large area,
Restrictions on movement with remote access,
Recording on videotapes that will allow you to quickly identify persons who have committed acts of vandalism,
It also permit to reassure and secure your customers.

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