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Time management: eTemptation HQ Time
Flexible and friendly software of time management : eTemptation HQTime.
HQ Time is the module of eTemptation suite for managing employee time. It meets the needs of all businesses, governments and local authorities, adapting finely collective agreements, agreements branch or company.
It follows attendance and absences of your employees, for any method of schedules organisation and work cycles.
It ensures compliance with legal and contractual rules.
It automates all the processes related to working time and saving you valuable time in the payroll.
It guarantees full traceability of information managed. Data on the presence and absence of employees can be historized over long periods, in compliance with the CNIL (Commission Nationale Informatique et des Libertés). In case of employees dispute or administrative controls, it is possible with a few clicks to quickly find information.
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Time management: eTemptation : HQ Self service
Management of collaborative time with eTemptation : HQ Self service
HQ Self Service module provides your employees more autonomy in their time management : consulting situations, request and validation of absences,clock in on-line, consultation of individual schedules, etc.
Your employees have direct access to their informations without disturbing the human resources department. The request and validation circuits of absence are automated , thus reducing the administrative burden for managers and HR department .
For employees who do not have a personal computer, it is possible to provide access to the functionality of the solution through the HQ Kiosk module, from interactive terminals.
HQ Self Service integrates coherent and easy way with the other modules of the eTemptation suite, and especially with HQ Time for time management of presence and absence. The module is a key factor to develop the employee satisfaction by giving them user-friendly and direct access to information about them.
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Schedules management
Schedules Management software by post: eTemptation HQ Planning
Planning HQ is a solution for managing schedules tailored to companies whose staff scheduling and resource requirements of the posts can be known in advance (manufacturing , logistics companies , business services , communities, etc. ).
With HQ Planning you can build schedules adapted to the workload, avoiding overcrowding and understaffing.
HQ Planning helps you to find operators with the right qualifications for the job. It makes it at any time to monitor compliance with schedules of your legal and contractual rules.
HQ Planning sets or import staffing needs on programmable criteria and time horizons . So you can always compare and match resources to needs and limit the use of outside labor or additionnal hours. Management planning becomes more efficient and productive for the different actors involved.
HQ planning greatly reduces the time spent by managers to develop schedules, but also helps you to anticipate risks and to make decisions proactively.
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Plannings optimum
The optimization of schedules for your teams with eTemptation : HQ Optimum
With HQ Optimum, planning optimization solution, you have a complete system of human resource planning. For organizations with significant changes in their activity, foreseeable or not (call centers , retail, hotels, restaurants, public services, etc. ).
HQ Optimum helps your users to build detailed schedules of their teams, taking into account the forecast load and the legal , social and individual constraints. This guarantees you the best customer service through optimized macthing of attendance on demand, while reducing costs by avoiding under or overstaffing.
Perfectly integrated with HQ Time, the time management module, HQ Optimum considers forecast absences and each employee data to build fair and realistic schedules.
In case of hazard or significant change in the activity, HQ Optimum helps you respond quickly to adjust your schedule to the new situation.
Its distributed architecture allows each manager, whatever his position in the organization, to drive his team with all its performance indicators.
His schedule optimization engine is sufficiently customizable to reflect your own constraints and thus offer a solution fully tailored to your business.
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Time management : eTempora
Management and time schedules software, a simple and scalable solution for SMBs : eTempora
Better manage time , optimize schedules, monitor the activities of employees ,is directly contributing to improved business performance.
Lynx Network offers to SMBs cost-effective solutions tailored to their budget and simple to deploy and use. Gains are measurable in the first months.
eTempora centralizes clocking , calculates time attendance, following absences of your employees. It allows to automate the calculation of all elements related to: monitoring HS , the calculation of RC , monitoring RTT and holidays , night or Sunday hours etc. You can update automatically and without re-keying , your payroll system.
eTempora also includes a module for analytical monitoring hours, and a function to develop schedules simply and improve your management planning. With its self-service module each employee has access to the functions of requests or consultation absence counters.
eTempora comes with a pre-setting in order to accelerate and simplify the deployment of the application. The user can easily adapt and evolve the parameters to take into account all the particularities of its management.
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Activity monitoring, Project monitoring
Activity tracking software, project monitoring, monitoring of business: eTemptation - HQ Activity project
HQ Activity is a module for monitoring the activity of employees working on a project or business. Fully customizable, it allows you to define time sheets and entry forms tailored to your environment and your organization.
With HQ Activity, employees can learn their activity so friendly and fast.
Managers have a tool for monitoring activity of their teams. They can see at any time the progress of the activity statements of their teammates, and knowledge of past and remaining time on their projects. They can be proactive in case of drift. Statements of activities can be validated by managers through a fully configurable workflow.
The functions of seizure activity, validation and consolidation are thus made on natural and consistent manner and ensure the provision of quality and controlled information .
Essential link in a project tracking or monitoring efficient case, HQ Activity ensures traceability of all activities. It can be used in many industrial and tertiary sectors.
Finally, HQ Actvitiy also developing accountability of the different actors involved in the life of the project, involving the collection and validation of data.
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Timecard, Badge reader
The clocking - badge reader for reliable tracking attendance :
The timecard or badge reader is used to store the input-output of your staff. It enables an accurate and tamper-proof count of attendance time of your employees. The timecard also provides data display functions for staff ( eg accumulation of the week, debit-credit , etc. ) and consulting information ( leave balance , RTT ,etc).
A secure time clock :
The clocks proposed by Well Sécurité combine high quality manufacturing to a high operational safety. They can operate even when stopping the server and record clocking continuously. They also have a range of electric operation with a battery backup.
A versatile timecard:
The timecard can be used for functions other than simple time management such as analytical or activity data entry, recording missions, or to access management. .
The virtual clock :
With the self-service module your employees have a badge reader available directly on their PC. This virtual clock provides the same functionality as a physical badge reader.
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