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Plannings optimum
The optimization of schedules for your teams with eTemptation : HQ Optimum
With HQ Optimum, planning optimization solution, you have a complete system of human resource planning. For organizations with significant changes in their activity, foreseeable or not (call centers , retail, hotels, restaurants, public services, etc. ).
HQ Optimum helps your users to build detailed schedules of their teams, taking into account the forecast load and the legal , social and individual constraints. This guarantees you the best customer service through optimized macthing of attendance on demand, while reducing costs by avoiding under or overstaffing.
Perfectly integrated with HQ Time, the time management module, HQ Optimum considers forecast absences and each employee data to build fair and realistic schedules.
In case of hazard or significant change in the activity, HQ Optimum helps you respond quickly to adjust your schedule to the new situation.
Its distributed architecture allows each manager, whatever his position in the organization, to drive his team with all its performance indicators.
His schedule optimization engine is sufficiently customizable to reflect your own constraints and thus offer a solution fully tailored to your business.

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