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Activity monitoring, Project monitoring
Activity tracking software, project monitoring, monitoring of business: eTemptation - HQ Activity project
HQ Activity is a module for monitoring the activity of employees working on a project or business. Fully customizable, it allows you to define time sheets and entry forms tailored to your environment and your organization.
With HQ Activity, employees can learn their activity so friendly and fast.
Managers have a tool for monitoring activity of their teams. They can see at any time the progress of the activity statements of their teammates, and knowledge of past and remaining time on their projects. They can be proactive in case of drift. Statements of activities can be validated by managers through a fully configurable workflow.
The functions of seizure activity, validation and consolidation are thus made on natural and consistent manner and ensure the provision of quality and controlled information .
Essential link in a project tracking or monitoring efficient case, HQ Activity ensures traceability of all activities. It can be used in many industrial and tertiary sectors.
Finally, HQ Actvitiy also developing accountability of the different actors involved in the life of the project, involving the collection and validation of data.

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