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Timecard, Badge reader
The clocking - badge reader for reliable tracking attendance :
The timecard or badge reader is used to store the input-output of your staff. It enables an accurate and tamper-proof count of attendance time of your employees. The timecard also provides data display functions for staff ( eg accumulation of the week, debit-credit , etc. ) and consulting information ( leave balance , RTT ,etc).
A secure time clock :
The clocks proposed by Well Sécurité combine high quality manufacturing to a high operational safety. They can operate even when stopping the server and record clocking continuously. They also have a range of electric operation with a battery backup.
A versatile timecard:
The timecard can be used for functions other than simple time management such as analytical or activity data entry, recording missions, or to access management. .
The virtual clock :
With the self-service module your employees have a badge reader available directly on their PC. This virtual clock provides the same functionality as a physical badge reader.

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