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Geolocation of vehicles
Have better visibility on its business, optimize travel times and routes, take operational decisions quickly, etc: geolocation systems offer multiple benefits.
Whatever your business and your industry (maintenance, logistics, distribution, site work), vehicle fleet tracking can help you increase your productivity and improve competitiveness.
In this sense, Lynx Network has developed completed and tailored offers to each area of ​​activity.
Adapted to your business, the satellite vehicle tracking can help you reduce costs while optimizing processes and operational organization of your business.
By tracking your vehicle fleet, you are informed in real time of the activity and the position of your vehicles. Our tracking solution offers several features:
Tracking the activity of each vehicle: Geographical position, speed, driver identification, etc.
Management and real-time display of the fleet status,
Monitoring of routes and travel times.
Whatever your priority (improving productivity, optimizing routes, protection against theft), Lynx Network agrees to accompany you step by step. Study of your needs to set up your GPS system, you get a fully customized monitoring.

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