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Access control and supervision : Protecsys 2 Suite
Protecsys 2 Suite incorporates features of access control, video surveillance, alarm management, graphic supervision of rights and entitlements management of your subcontractors, management of intrusion or technical alarms.
The solution also offers a complete management of visitors and badges, plus a wide range of self-locks.
Protecsys 2 Suite brings together all the components of a system of high-level access control: software, hardware, access control, barriers, devices, video equipment. The configuration is built modular and easily scalable depending on your policy security and access management to areas and buildings. If changes in your infrastructure or new buildings or areas to be equipped, Protecsys 2 suite adapts itself quickly while preserving your existing investments.
Protecsys 2 Suite integrates easily with eTemptation ,the time management solution ,and facilitates the sharing of data between the access control and attendance management.
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Standalone lock
Autonomous and economic access control : standalone locks.
Intelligent autonomous locks combine easy installation and use. It is thus possible to secure access to a very reduced cost per gate.
Requiring no wiring, they are battery powered, and access rights are encoded easily in the badge. Self-locks provide all relevant information to the traceability of access.
They can be used to complement Protecsys Suite 2, the overall security solution.
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Visitor Management
A solution of visitor management by intranet: P2 Visitor.
Module Protecsys solution Suite 2, P2 Visitor helps streamline the reception and visitor management. Its web based pre-registration allows you to prepare and validate visits in a decentralized manner, thereby simplifying the formalities at the reception.
His integration into the Protecsys 2 suite permit to manage and secure the presence of visitors by assigning a badge and an access right.
P2 Visitor also has a reporting module that provides full traceability of visitors and visits.
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