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Intruder alarm
Because it is essential to ensure the safety of goods and people into your business, Lynx Network offers a wide range of protection systems and intruder alarms to suit your needs. Whether to protect your goods, to ensure the confidentiality of your information or to offer your employees a safe work environment, Well Securité works on the installation of burglar alarms in your business.
Industrial or commercial buildings, malls, buildings or even residential homes have many openings that it is possible to protect against intrusion attempts with efficient and unobtrusive manner.
Dissuasives, protection alarms are as effective as a preventive measure yet indispensable in case of intrusion. Obviously, security alarms are equally essential inside and outside your locals. Hardware theft, breaking and entering, grubbing safe or attack on your staff, there is an alarm protection to guard you against all the troubles that your company may face.
Invest in a security alarm is ,on the one hand, gain peace of mind and on the other hand, a strong argument to renegotiate its insurance premium.
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Smoke detector
70% of fire-related deaths occur at night when our guard is asleep. Primary responsibility: the smoke, which kills 80% of victims by asphyxiation while sleeping. To prevent this risk, the smoke detector is essential equipment that increased since 90% the chances of survival of a family in case of fire! From the first moments, it detects smoke and triggers a shrill ringing to control an emerging fire or flee in time.
In addition to issuing a siren in the house, smoke detectors send a signal to our monitoring center, to take appropriate measures to assist you. In addition, you will not have to change the batteries regularly because the detector operates independently and works even during a power outage.
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Heat detector
The goal is to be alert quickly with certainty that a fire broke out in the house or the business.
The heat detector as smoke detector, is to avoid the outbreak of a fire.
The heat detector is used where there is risk of intense temperatures as in a kitchen, furnace room or any place where smoke detectors are less effective. The heat detector locates the heat of combustion, and thanks to this device, an alarm is sent to the central station (the central remote monitoring of Well securité) as soon as the temperature reaches a certain percentage
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