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Time management : eTempora
Management and time schedules software, a simple and scalable solution for SMBs : eTempora
Better manage time , optimize schedules, monitor the activities of employees ,is directly contributing to improved business performance.
Lynx Network offers to SMBs cost-effective solutions tailored to their budget and simple to deploy and use. Gains are measurable in the first months.
eTempora centralizes clocking , calculates time attendance, following absences of your employees. It allows to automate the calculation of all elements related to: monitoring HS , the calculation of RC , monitoring RTT and holidays , night or Sunday hours etc. You can update automatically and without re-keying , your payroll system.
eTempora also includes a module for analytical monitoring hours, and a function to develop schedules simply and improve your management planning. With its self-service module each employee has access to the functions of requests or consultation absence counters.
eTempora comes with a pre-setting in order to accelerate and simplify the deployment of the application. The user can easily adapt and evolve the parameters to take into account all the particularities of its management.

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